Austrian charm meets Asian vibrancy: INTERKULTUR - asian choir


2nd Asian Choir Games and World Choir Championships – Gyeongnam: INTERKULTUR asian choir

The 1st Asian Choir Games Jakarta 2007 were the largest international event for amateur choirs in Asia and were hosted in Jakarta, the capital of the Republic of.

A colourful opening ceremony, three beats of a huge traditional yonggo barrel drum and the message "You are the world!" to participating choirs and ensembles.

The choral director and one of the Artistic Directors of the World Choir Games talks about the delights and challenges of Asian choirs and the.

Note: This map does not give the exact location of where each choir rehearses, just an approximation of where it it based. Many cities have more than one choir, .

Asia Pacific Choir Games. 12518 likes · 3 talking about this. October 21 – 28, 2017 Colombo, Sri Lanka.