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Sinhala also known as Sinhalese, is the native language of the Sinhalese people , who make . In Sinhala there is distinctive diglossia, as in many languages of South Asia. The literary language and the spoken language differ from each other.

The Sinhalese are an Indo-Aryan-speaking ethnic group native to the island of Sri Lanka. They constitute about 75% of the Sri Lankan population and number greater than 16.2 million. The Sinhalese identity is based on language, historical heritage and religion. . Sri Lankan New Zealanders comprised 3% of the Asian population of New.

Sinhalese is therefore related, albeit distantly, to the Indo-Aryan languages of the north, South Asia Section, School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics.

Sinhala is considered an Indo-Aryan language, though it has also been influenced by members of the Dravidian language group. Sinhala (sometimes referred to.

Formal Sinhalese language is closely related to Sanskrith than to any other We can find only some words as all the South Asian languages are derived from.