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Asiatic and Oriental Lilies - What is the Difference? asian lillies vs oriental lillies

Are Oriental and Asiatic lilies the same? The answer to this often-asked question is no, the plants are definitely not the same. Learn how to tell.

Asiatic and Oriental Lilies may look similar but they actually have several differences. All types of lilies are grown by home gardeners for their dramatic and .

Asiatic lilies (Lilium Asiatic) and oriental lilies (Lilium oriental) are common types of lilies grown both commercially and in home gardens. Each, however, has its.

Asiatic lilies are the first lilies of the season and usually start flowering in June, right after the peonies. They are also the shortest type of lily.

I marveled at the incredible display of blooms and colors on the patch of lilies that I could see as I looked out from the deck over the.