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An Asian fitness model poses for the camera. Medium shot Stock Photo: 174761543 - Alamy asian model poses

There’s no wasted time working as a fashion model in China. These models have mastered speed posing for Chinese clothes catalogs. They average two poses every second and change their outfit 100 times in a single day. Every move is calculated to avoid messing up their hair and makeup.

Fast fashion: for an e-commerce model in China, 150 outfits in 13 hours her poses in rapid-fire sequences before slipping into the next look.

In television and movies, modeling photo shoots are often portrayed at a leisurely pace. The subject might strike many poses over the course of.

If you're a fashion model in China who needs to pose for over a There are videos online showing how models pose rapid-fire style for the.

These models don't waste a second of their time in front of the camera. These Chinese Models Have Posing Down To A Science.