Slow Cooker Asian Pot Roast - asian pot roast


Asian beef pot roast asian pot roast

Asian Pot Roast is a twist on a classic. Perfect for a fall/winter Sunday dinner, this pot roast isn't overpoweringly "Asian," but it packs a ton of.

This delicious low carb Asian beef pot roast is what I'm calling a “tweener” recipe. As we enter mid-March, it's still chilly so you aren't entirely over the winter.

If you love a good pot roast but are looking for a new twist on it, you've got to give this Asian Pot Roast a try! Pot Roast is just amazing (and easy.

Mark Bittman column on preparing Asian pot roast; recipe; photo (M).

Though the classic pot roast formula is a classic for a reason, it's fun to change it up to make it more boldly flavored. In this version, for instance, beef [ ].