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According to statistics, domestic violence is a serious issue in South Korea. .. threats and physical violence or even being reported to the Chinese government.

2 days ago Most sex crimes everywhere go unreported, so all statistics about them should be treated with caution. But for what it is worth, the UN says Asia.

A sick gang of eight Asian men have today been found guilty of sexually exploiting teenage girls in Rotherham, who were subjected to acts of a "degrading and violent nature". She told police in April and October 2003 that she had been raped and physically attacked by Sageer.

The BBC has sought the voices of those caught up in Seoul's sex scandal. They all say the abuse of women in the clubs is pervasive and often violent. Among the group was an Asian businessman who she claims took an.

Violence against women is a major concern in the Asian regions, from Korea— who were forced into sex slavery for the Japanese military.