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December | 2016 | CNYARA freewheelers amateur radio

"The Friendliest Nets in All of Ham RAdio". Since November of 1998, The Freewheelers Net has been on the air on 3.916 MHz. Led by a net control operator,The.

"The Friendliest Nets in All of Ham RAdio" THE FREEWHEELERS. Every Night from 10 PM to 1 AM It's GREAT to be a FREEWHEELER! read more.

75 Meters has a reputation for being 'the wild child' of ham radio bands. Bring up 75 meters with any ham and you'll hear words like 'wild', 'bad.

The Freewheeler's is Rated G No politics, religion or crude language or jokes. We're all about comradery and enjoying the Ham Radio Hobby!.

This is the Freewheelers Net on 3.916MHz. I'm using HDSDR with a Newsky RTL2832U USB DVB-T & RTL-SDR Receiver and Ham It Up Custom Built 80- Foot Tall Free Standing Ham Radio Tip-Tower in Action! This is.