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The Department of Asian Art fulfills a unique role at The Met by representing the artistic achievements of six major cultural traditions that encompass 5,000 years.

The Friends of Asian Art brings together individuals from around the world who have a serious interest in the arts of China, Japan, Korea, South and Southeast.

To select a fine piece of art is to show someone you have taste, To give is to show someone you care, That is the Art of Giving.

Asian art is gloriously basking in the sun this year. While 42 extraordinary galleries from around the globe open their doors with one-of-a-kind exhibitions during.

Matsuoka Eikyū, The Princesses at Uji, Japan, Taishō period (1912–26), 1912. Matsuoka Eikyū (1881–1938), The Uji Princesses (detail of left screen), 1912.