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South of the northern low lands is a great belt of mountains and plateaus. The Pamir plateau in The vast cool desert of Gobi is in this region. The Mountains of .

High-mountain Asia is a high geographic region that includes the Asian mountain ranges These ranges surround the mountainous Chinese provinces of Tibet and Xinjiang, including Xinjiang's large Tarim Basin desert. The nations of Nepal .

Tien Shan, great mountain system of Central Asia. Its name is Chinese for The Tien Shan mountain range and the Takla Makan Desert. Encyclopædia.

Top Mountain Ranges of Asia - Top ten significant mountain ranges that are it is no wonder if the mountain range also borders with the famous Gobi desert.

Map of landforms of Asia including the Himalayas, Ural Mountains, and major deserts, lakes and rivers. Worldatlas.com.