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Lillian, a 20-something who lives in New York and Boston, is a single Asian American woman who actively dates. Needless to say, her Tinder.

When it comes to “yellow fever,” many argue it's a two way street. In this webisode, Asian women confess reasons for preferring white men including that they're.

A while back, an Asian American friend was sharing an experience she had in a mostly white space, where some white dude asked if Asian Americans were people of color. They perceived me and another classmate, two Asian American women, to be closer to whiteness than to Blackness.

Objectives To report the occurrence of jaundice diagnoses in East Asian and mixed East Asian/white infants in Washington State in recent years, and to compare.

Desirability in online dating: Women receive fewer messages with age. Asian women and White men receive the most messages. Among men, more education .