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On a rainy Tuesday evening nearly two weeks later, I was reporting on another story at a Sunset Strip tattoo shop when I spotted Angelyne's.

Angelyne is an American singer, actress, personality and model who came to prominence in In February 1984, Angelyne's first billboard proclaiming " Angelyne Rocks" went up on Sunset Boulevard. Maisnik's daughter, Katherine Saltzberg.

The Sunset Strip is the 1 1⁄2-mile (2.4 km) stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through the city of West Hollywood, California, United States. It extends from.

I first met Angelyne while attending her art show at a small gallery on Sunset Boulevard, at an opening event filled with Angelyne-worshipping.

will be served, and you'll also have the chance to buy Angeline merchandise. nude—and her time spent playing clubs on the Sunset Strip.