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[Roundup] There May Be Some Butt Jokes In Here jokes about your ass

This month, you're in for a few butt jokes. It's time for Hang on to your peaches and burritos, friends — it's time for the monthly roundup.

Yes, your poop can be treated and turned into a form of charcoal you can cook with! Poop Jokes aren't my favorite kind of jokes but they're a solid number 2.

Hahahahahahaha, no really wipe your ass and get back to work. He's gonna murder you in your sleep Funny Facts, Funny Tweets, Funny Jokes.

Comedy Central Jokes - Talking Out of Your Ass - If I wanted to hear from an a** hole I would fart.

Jokes & Funny Pictures Make (u) Want 2 Laugh Your ASS Out · January 17, 2011 ·. Well, I hear someone screaming for help. So I'm off to get more duct tape.