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Matt Summers joined the Razorbacks in 2009 and was promoted to Director of Athletic Training for the Arkansas Athletics department in 2013. In his role, Summers oversees the Arkansas athletic training department, leading a staff of full-time employees, graduate assistants and. hockey player profile of Matt Summers, 1986-07-15 Savage, MN, USA USA. Most recently in the SPHL with Macon Mayhem. Complete.

talked earlier, but that brief interracial encounter had dissolved into the familiar and conventional. “Hey,” Matt busted in laughing before Ben could respond. Not a bad way to wash down the dust of a hot summer's day,” Harold advised.

After 1962, Jerome Smith and Matt Suarez were on CORE's field staff in Mississippi; Rudy Lombard, though in graduate school at Syracuse, spent his summers as the movement's successes grew, and as interracial tensions wracked SNCC.