Urban Dictionary: assgasket - much paper ass


Potty Training: How To Teach a Kid to Wipe Their Butt | Fatherly much paper ass

After doing our business, we take dry, rough toilet paper and smear It's astounding how much pain Americans will suffer in order not to do the.

The disposable toilet-seat tissue which prevents your ass from touching the The razor-thin, paper toilet seat covers dispensed in public restrooms with the sole.

I would say that it refers to someone who talks a lot of shit. If you had a paper Saying you have a paper ass is calling you a "lightweight" That's how i interpret it.

Choice of toilet paper is critical. How To Wipe Your Butt: Step 1. Now you can begin Reach around and behind your butt, and lean onto the opposing cheek.

If you run a lot of water it will be as cold as the water in the outside water line Do you wash your ass with water or just wipe with toilet paper after taking a poo?.