I nearly died after TWO botched boob jobs at a Turkish clinic – and now I’ve got a wonky chest - botched breast


Fitness trainer reveals how she was left with one boob after her botched implant DEFLATED botched breast

Mum-of-two Paula has lived with just one breast for the past five years Despite having several revision surgeries to fix the botched boob job.

A BRITISH woman who nearly died after TWO botched boob jobs has now been left with a wonky chest. Holly McCulloch, 28, from Greasby.

Holly McCulloch has been left with a 'wonky' B and D-cup chest (pictured left) after undergoing two botched breast augmentations in Istanbul.

"Botched" star Dr. Terry Dubrow is being sued by a patient who claims he botched her breast implant surgery.

Closeup Of Naked Sexy Woman Body With Black Surgical Marks On Her Breasts When people think of botched breast surgery, most will.