some women in early-stages can forego chemotherapy for breast cancer - breast cancer recurrence score 15


Endocrine Therapy Alone Is Sufficient in HR+/HER2- Breast Cancer With Intermediate Recurrence Score breast cancer recurrence score 15

Oncotype DX test results assign a Recurrence Score — a number Recurrence Score of 0-15: The cancer has a low risk of recurrence.

Your Oncotype DX test report includes a Recurrence Score result (for 0-15, There will be no benefit from addition of chemotherapy to hormonal therapy.

The test gives a score, known as a recurrence score, from study suggests that women with a score of 0 to 15 who.

Learn more about the Breast Recurrence Score—a number between 0-100 to stratify invasive breast cancer patients by their likely benefit from chemotherapy.

Results 26 - 100 But, it is important to remember that no two breast cancer patients—or their tumors—are alike. The Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test.