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Pigeon & beetroot salad recipe | BBC Good Food pigeon breast starter

Rachel Phipps shows how to prepare pigeon breasts in a tasty and colourful salad with this delicious wood pigeon recipe.

As part of Movember, November Andy Waugh and Ruaridh Emslie have shared their gorgeous game starter of warm Pigeon Breast Salad with.

The salad is the signature starter at the Pot Kiln. We estimate that we have sold over 20,000 pigeon breasts since we opened in 2005! You can make the.

Warm Pigeon, Black Pudding & Pancetta Salad | Gordon Ramsay . Season the pigeon breasts with olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground.

This pigeon recipe from Igles Corelli is inspired by its first incarnation, served by the chef at the Trigabolo restaurant which closed its doors to diners in 1994.