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My Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit lasted 37k miles, and it always chattered in 1st and 2nd gear. Weird thing is the clutch disk had maybe 50% of the material remaining (not even worn down to the rivets) when I pulled it, so I guess the pressure plate was to blame. I have the Exedy stage.

Exedy Sucks Bad! 09-15-2005 03:04 AM by DangerousWRX. I put a HyperSingle Clutch and Flywheel in my 04 STi about 2 months ago and its horrible! It has so.

Does any1 have either the stage 2 thick Exedy clutch kit or any ACT clutch kit and wanna recommend one or the other? ive heard dont get exedy. it sucks. bad.

Last time I had a manual was 15 years ago with an Exedy stage-2 kit on a 250hp car and it worked great for I've used two Exedy clutch kits they both sucked.

CM and i know thats a good clutch but the customer serv at CM sucks ****, they sent the wrong part two times. So im thinking between a centerforce or exedy?.