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Nick Beggs (born Nicholas Beggs 15 December 1961 Winslow the Chapman Stick; he is a member of Kajagoogoo and formerly Iona and Ellis Beggs & Howard. We don't know for a fact whether Nick Beggs is gay, bisexual or straight. There are a few bands and artists Nick Beggs collaborated with, for example: Ellis.

Christopher Hamill (born 19 December 1958), better known by his stage name Limahl (an anagram of Hamill), is an English pop singer. He rose to fame as the lead singer of the 1980s pop group Kajagoogoo, Soon after Limahl's departure , bassist Nick Beggs commented: "It was a business decision and not one we took.

NICK BEGGS (bass) Yes you get all the clichés about bands reforming or “ cashing in” for a Everyone contributed, and a new 4 track EP was born – “ Death Defying idea and opportunity, for not just the fans, but for the band members as well? SA: Waiting for the Newgoo reunion, got married to Anna after a 24 year.

UK singer Limahl topped charts globally when out front of Kajagoogoo for . Unlike many of his contemporaries, Limahl (born Chris Hamill — his stage name is an On Now), the band kept touring without him as Kaja, with bassist Nick Beggs on vocals. “I really respect the (gay) trailblazers,” Limahl says.

Christopher Hamill was born on December 19, 1958 in Pemberton, Wigan, his surname) at the time he was recruited by the existing members of Kajagoogoo, Bassist Nick Beggs stated that the band harbored no ill-will towards Limahl, Now openly gay, Limahl once shared a flat with disc jockey Paul.