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ERLC NATIONAL CONFERENCE (Nashville, TN) October 27 – 29, 2014. Postion : Opposed to same-sex relationships. Speakers include.

The Nashville Statement is an evangelical Christian statement of faith relating to human sexuality and gender roles authored by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) in Nashville, Tennessee. The Statement sets forth the signatories' opposition to LGBT sexuality, same-sex marriage, polygamy.

WHERE Nashville, TN Metropolitan Interdenominational Church Nashville 2.0 Statement: A Christian Response to the anti-LGBT Nashville Statement.

and wife, and is meant to signify the covenant love between Christ and his bride the church. WE DENY that God has designed marriage to be a homosexual .

She climbed onto her roof in Dayton, Tennessee—a deeply red town In 2015, the two women launched a popular conference, called Why Christian?, Before Chu's memoir about being a gay Christian was published, Held.