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Apple made more than a few new enemies yesterday—and this time the tech giant wasn't the one that did something wrong. On Tuesday, April 9, Brian K. Vaughan, creator of the popular comic book Saga, released a statement on Tumblr claiming that the newest issue of his series was.

Simple logic would suggest that “gay genes” would not survive in the evolution of our species. Even if a homosexually-oriented man.

Gay, lesbian and transgender characters are increasingly playing a larger role in the fast-evolving world of comic book narratives.

LGBT themes in comics are a relatively new concept, as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and Demanding Respect: The Evolution of the American Comic Book, Temple University Press, ISBN 978-1-59213-443-4; Miller, Ann (2008), Reading Bande.

How Carol Danvers's evolution, from love interest to the most powerful female superheroes have gone through in their comic book portrayals. in 1956 as a love interest primarily to combat claims that Batman was gay.