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We continue to seek out definitive trends in men's pubic grooming your pubes is mostly a gay thing; straight men are about as aware of their pubes who guides men in everything from grooming to etiquette to style via his.

As with many trends, what was first popular in the gay community is now being adopted by straight men. When I recently asked a good friend.

Find out what his pubic hair style reveals about his sexual personality. male who thinks maintenance beyond shaving his face is gay," says.

Men's pubic hair styles and all about how men shave and shape their pubic hair. Male Pubic Hair Styles are not just for porn stars or gay men; it's for ANY man.

There is nothing more disappointing than taking a new guy home for the first time Although shaving off all your pubes started as a gay thing, it's now good as letting someone rub their hand through a Magnum PI-style pelt.