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Now Magazine has made what appears to be an error by publishing an article that states that Adam Giambrone is gay.In this week's edition of.

Local weekly Now magazine has been forced to change a story in which it predicted that popular local politician Adam Giambrone would.

Mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone can be gay if he wants to, or bisexual. Giambrone the TTC chair can use the couch in his city hall office to bed Kristen Lucas late at night when he should have been using the office to solve customer-relations problems at the TTC.

Adam Giambrone, the Toronto mayoral candidate mistaken as A Gay, and then positively ID'd as a womanizer, might have a new dimension to.

Well isn't this a turn of events: Adam Giambrone, the 32-year-old city councilor and Toronto mayoral candidate who was mistaken for a gay last.