Trump super PAC posted memes, paid handsomely. - laurence gay slur


Jonah Hill apologizes for using homophobic slur - CNN laurence gay slur

One of the biggest super political action committees backing Donald Trump’s campaign has done little since the election other than pay a sizable salary to its top official, a longtime friend and business associate of the president’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

To run the group, Manafort tapped an old friend, Connecticut-based lobbyist Laurance “Laury” Gay. A former official in President Ronald.

The following is a list of LGBT-related slurs that are, or have been, used as insinuations or .. Gregory Woods, Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World; ^ Laurence Urdang; The Oxford Thesaurus 1997 - page: 206; ^ " bent".

and gay slurs against Muslims and Hillary Clinton, respectively, and and drew on the insights of Laurence Tribe, the prominent Harvard.

Actor Jonah Hill apologizes for using homophobic slur. By Steve Almasy, CNN Actor apologizes for using anti-gay slur 01:01. Justin Bieber.