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But hair color isn't the only distinguishing feature that redheads have. And some of the facts we found were really surprising! . Receiving a damaged package with your favorite vinyl record in it, finding out that the key you need is stuck in.

Here's a guide to red hair, for gingers and non-gingers alike! catch her on a trail run, window shopping, or munching on some fish tacos. It's a rare color, and it is often a package deal complete with fair skin and freckles.

The weekend was packed with a random assemblage of events, some having to do with red hair, and others nothing at all. There were more than half a dozen.

See, some traits like red hair, blue eyes, cystic fibrosis (CF) and lots of the package deal?), your mother has red hair, fair skin, and freckles.

Sadly, unless some Eric Cartman-esque genocide transpires, I am £25 add-on to one of the genetic ancestry packages from ScotlandsDNA.