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Getting up the nerve to actually try swinging, though, might be hard. With a little encouragement from these 7 free erotic stories about swinging.

We were excited. Plus, we demonstrated that we had enough experience to know the golden rule of swinging: No means no. The guard let us.

This week our mailbox was almost set on fire by a truly hot present – a first-hand and detailed story of a couple’s first time swinging. The story came in good tune with our sex-positive blog Fantasy, so we take the pleasure of sharing it with our readers. I said I wanted to have.

No matter what you call it — an open relationship, swinging, polyamory Consider these people's stories about what happened when they.

A Story Of Swinging Gone Wrong: From Wife Swapping To Fist Swinging In Seconds. As soon as someone else touches the love of your life.