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Let me tell you something my fellow ladies with itty bitty titties; men like big breasts only in fantasy! Ask any man what his preference is and he will tell you the.

Do guys make fun of girls with small boobs in a group of guy friends? etc. . I have a flat friend who never talks about her cup size, and honestly.

What Men Really Think About Small Boobs (As Told By VERY Honest to talk to men and women who love breasts and get them to open up.

"You can wear anything." PAHAHAHAHA! Read through our list of 17 things that girls with small boobs absolutely hate to hear!.

This might sound cliche, but I'm ok with small breasts, as long as there's a well defined waist line Originally Answered: Honestly do men like women with little breasts? . and anything from Don Miller's wonderful answer (talk about turn-ons .