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Candy Bar Girls: London’s answer to The Real L Word? | Lesbilicious candy bar magazine lesbian

My first thought in solving this question was that maybe I needed a wider circle of lesbian friends to go clubbing with. Sitting in Candy Bar.

Candy Bar Girls trailer / DIVA Magazine Lesbian Arts & Entertainment / www. divamag.co.uk: http://bit.ly/jpLITK via @DIVAMagazine. 5:47 AM.

It seems hard to believe, but The Candy Bar will be 15 years old this year. Part of the proliferation of gay venues that opened in Soho in the mid.

Eleanor Margolis: London's most famous lesbian bar is to shut next year, and the security and cosiness it offers gay women will be missed.

If you're a British lesbian, you'll still be in mourning about the loss of the most famous lesbian bar in Great Britain, Candy Bar. Diva Magazine.