Anal lube: best lubricants for anal sex - how to make anal lub


Best Household Items For Homemade Anal Lube | 2018 Guide how to make anal lub

No, great anal sex requires a good anal lube – and lots of it. And although there are many different types of lube which could do the job, they can be expensive.

Whether you're a woman who's looking to please her man, a straight man/lesbian woman looking to get pegged, or a gay man looking for the best gay lube, anal.

Do you know what to choose in the heat of the moment? Although they can hardly be described as the best anal lube, nevertheless they allow couples to enjoy.

Anal sex requires lubrication. Here are the best lubes out there for anal. These Lubes Will Make Anal Sex SO Much Better. Sophie Saint Thomas. See All.

Some lubes work better for a specific type of sex (such as anal), and others have ingredients that are tailored for people with a specific skin type.