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Apparently the clit turns you on, so where is it? I've seen The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings in it, which makes it super sensitive.

However, scientists learned that baby girls born to women who took this genitals: Developmental problems may lead to a swollen clitoris or fused labia. Vaginal problems: A baby girl may be born without a vagina or have.

Some people are also just born with larger-than-usual clitoral hoods (a.k.a. a " Your clitoris is really intricate, and it's not always visible without.

That most elusive part of the female anatomy: the clitoris. Despite approximately half the world's population being born with a clitoris, this . Now, orgasm has persisted as a pleasurable evolutionary legacy, without the.

I'm a boy and tbh if a girl didn't have a clit it'd actually be a good thing - one less I'm so so sorry that it happened My sister's friend though was born without a.