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Eric Shaun Lynch (March 11, 1975 – September 20, 2014), better known as Eric the Midget and later Eric the Actor, was a member of The Howard Stern Show's . Sirius Satellite Radio · American male actors · People from Rodeo, California.

Howard agreed with Robin, noting he's given Eric money, his own radio show and got him a cameo appearance on a television program, yet all.

Eric The Midget, 90. Steve Grillo, 99. Will The Farter, 100. Sal The Stockbroker, 102. JD, 106. Mike Gange, 110. Ralph Cirella, 112. Brent Hatley.

Background: After Eric quit the show because Howard mocked Chris Benoit, he returned several months later when Steve Langford began to.

Eric the Actor from the Howard Stern Show has died at age 39. Howard Stern Show fans as "Eric the Actor," and formerly, "Eric the Midget," has called in to Stern's morning radio show during almost every singel episode.