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The Most Intense 18+ Anime Series That Are Too Mature For Little Kids. 18+ Mature Anime Series List: That’s right, this is a food/Ecchi series with plenty of “almost naked” scenes and obscene animation.

Vote for your favorites on the adult anime list below, but only if you've actually seen the series. Is one of your top mature anime shows missing? Add it to the poll .

The great thing about anime is that there is usually a show for everyone. Whether you enjoy an easygoing slice of life anime, an adrenaline-rushing action series.

This is one of the most violent series I have ever seen and shows some of the most and Highschool of the dead has some pretty mature themes such as non .

When it comes to mature anime, we're certainly spoiled for choice. The anime industry has never shied away from horror, gore, violence, nudity.