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I've come to learn that rituals are treated very similarly to masturbation in society. It's something everyone does (whether they like to admit it or.

LeVey did refer to "Satanic revels" in his book "The Satanic Bible." However, he was Lust ritual: sex magic which can include masturbation.

Greater and lesser magic within LaVeyan Satanism, designate types of beliefs with the term The Satanic Rituals, published by LaVey in 1972, outlines the rituals more precisely. The third . Lust rituals are designed to attract the desired romantic or sexual partner and can involve masturbation, with orgasm as the goal .

This article originally appeared on VICE India. “Masturbate before you come,” Synyster* told me. “We want you to be calm before the ritual.”.

Some Satanists practise three kinds of "magic ritual" which are and other people—which could probably include sex and masturbation and.