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The Man Who Put His Will on Film (1970) Nagisa Oshima's "Pleasures of the Flesh" is the sad, utterly depressing tale of an average man, driven to moral.

Director Nagisa Oshima's film uses the "pink" genre to mask an allegory about the materialism of post-war Japan (the original title translates as.

and killed. Oshima's dip into the waters of the popular soft-core “pink film” genre is a compelling journey into excess. Pleasures of the Flesh.

And for me this movie became a well-needed reminder of that it is these Even when pleasures of the flesh become routine and completely.

Profile. Movie: The Pleasures of the Flesh; Romaji: Etsuraku; Japanese: 悦楽; Director: Nagisa Oshima; Writer: Nagisa Oshima, Futaro Yamada; Producer.