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If he can smell urine in the pot, he will be drawn to pee in it again. To completely get rid of the scent, you must take the plant out of the pot and replace the old soil .

English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. peepot, pee-pot. Etymology[edit]. Childish variant of pisspot. Noun[edit]. pee pot (plural pee pots). (slang, mildly vulgar) A pot.

I tried this with no luck. 20 ideas to get your cat to stop peeing in your house plants. Potted plants; Cover the pot with double stick tape so they.

By covering up the tempting soil inside the pots, you'll naturally deter your cat from doing his Natural Ways to Stop Cats From Urinating in Potted Plants.

Cats are genetically disposed to peeing in soil, which explains why your cat is peeing in the plants. Here are Wrap the top edge of the pot in aluminum foil.