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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Spray Tans doing fake tan nude

Here's what to expect the first time you get a spray tan. If you've never got butt- naked in front of a stranger so they can spray your entire body with You can keep your knickers on if you wish, but if you do, we'd recommend.

Do I have to be naked during a spray tan? While some people prefer to be nude to avoid tan lines, you have the option to wear whatever is.

Well I actually do NEED to know how to spray a male client nude. I have a large *** clientel. They are all past business friends and/or close.

Treatment: Spray Tan (pipe down, Jersey Shore). Types of Nudity it's Best For: Sex, complete nudity, bathing suit season, anytime you need to.

I was a spray tanning virgin until yesterday. Wash with only Dial soap; DO NOT shave; Exfoliate with Apricot scrub; areas such as your.