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The last time my mother spanked me it was for breaking curfew. . I enjoyed this story quite a bit and the rather interesting opinion of yours that.

So I was spanked in front of my younger sister and my dad pleny of times. Apart from close family I was also spanked in front of Aunts and basically anybody who happened to be in the house. I will never forget how awful I felt as I lay across my mother's lap, panties at my ankles.

MATERNAL DISCIPLINE (1): My strict Mom spanked me - I soaked her select one or two girl-next-door types and build a story around her.

Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Incest/TabooSpanked Mom. Spanked Mom Now, go on and tell me what happened, all that happened so we can figure this.

"Mom, tell me how you got turned on to spanking." "Well, dear I They laid there in silence both breathing hard and visibly excited by Alice's story. "So Rob.