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Thailand's Crown Princess Appears Topless in Birthday Video, Princess Srirasmi G-string video reveals Thai royal couple's decadent lifestyle As the sounds of a George Michael song drifted over the tropical gardens, Thailand's Crown Prince and his fun-loving wife were in the mood.

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Thailand's 'Playboy Prince' had topless wife act like dog at party, made real three times, most recently to former bar girl Princess Srirasmi.

Srirasmi Suwadee formerly Princess Srirasmi, Royal Consort to the Crown Prince of Thailand, In November 2009, a home video was released showing Vajiralongkorn and a topless Srirasmi celebrating the birthday of the prince's poodle dog.

In one scene, the topless princess appears to bend over to eat out of a dog bowl, while in another a servant falls to his knees in front of her.