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Fat Vagina: Average Size, Vulva Types, Exercise, and More vulva workout

What Causes A “Fat” Vaginal Area and Is This Normal? FUPA is used to describe excess fat in the upper pubic area — above your pubic hair but below your belly button. When people mention a “fat vagina,” they’re usually referring to the fleshy area above the labia (mons pubis).

I've never been the biggest fan of going to the gym, but I don't need too much convincing to give my vagina a workout. And exercising your vaginal muscles not only leads to better sex but also is fun while you're doing it. Though you may have heard of kegel exercises as the primary.

Any muscle of the body becomes stronger and tighter with some exercise and the vaginal muscles are no exception. More often than not, we forget to exercise.

If it helps, combine the exercise with taking a deep breath in and out. Leg ups are great exercises for tightening your vagina, helping you to.

This New Device Promises To Give Your Vagina A Workout on how this FitBit- for-your-vag may be your workout routine's missing component.