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furring strips ceiling joists

What do you do when you want to attach 12-inch ceiling tiles but the ceiling joists are spaced 16 or 24 inches apart? You attach furring strips, of course. Furring.

In new residential construction, the contractor attaches drywall panels directly to the ceiling joists and fills the seams with joint compound. If you live in an older.

If you're hanging drywall on new ceiling joists, you probably won't need furring strips. Standard drywall panels attach directly to the joists with drywall screws.

drawing demonstrating how to locate and mark ceiling joists to install furring strips. To use furring strips as support for drywall over an existing ceiling, they.

On many TOH TV projects, I see what appear to be -inch furring strips nailed to the underside of ceiling joists before the drywall goes up. Is this an East Coast.