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yes there is a shit load of e in those medicated salt licks about 32gm per born cattle yearly,male bulls are worth the most. the combined meds.

Some people caled them "medicated" salt licks? I dont know much about the subject but i do know that salt licks are used to divert KI or NaI.

Post 471411 (methyl_ethyl: "(Pseudo)Ephedrine in Salt Licks? Pure Myth. Post 470846 (pancuronium: "licked by salt lick", Stimulants).

Medicated lick blocks are proving a way of addressing poverty in South East Asian countries.

Medicated blocks containing anthelmintic agents such as fenbendazole. (0.5 g/kg block; intake of 60 Urea molasses block lick: a feed supplement for ruminants . pp. 261–274, in: M.N.M. Qingchuan bull cattle (3). Intake (kg/day, as fed).