Actress Who Recruited Women to Nxivm Sex Cult Says 'I Have a Lot of Guilt' - actores sex


James Franco Exploited Aspiring Actresses Through His 'Sex Scenes' Class, Lawsuit Says - VICE actores sex

Nene Nwayo is an actor trying to break into the Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood. In her short career so far, she says she's been asked for sex 10-15 times in exchange for roles, requests she's rejected outright. She also has been told to lighten her skin, something else.

In July, at the Bangkok Asean Film Festival, Vietnamese movie The Third Wife was honoured with a Special Mention prize, with the jury noting its meticulous craftsmanship, strong acting and confident directing. In the movie set in rural Vietnam in the late 19th century, a young.

Actress, 42, reveals how she escaped from sex cult NXIVM after being brainwashed by its sociopathic leader who kept slaves and dealt out.

4 days ago French film director Luc Besson has denied drugging and raping actress Sand Van Roy and has dismissed all other allegations of assault, but.

The lead actress in the BBC's new police thriller - billed as the "new Bodyguard" - said she only agreed to do a sex scene in the opening.