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Stu Nugent, a writer at LELO, the world's leading pleasure brand, below discusses the introduction of a new sex education syllabus in China.

education since the May Fourth Movement [of 19191. Zhang Jingsheng. (1889- 1970) was the true pioneer of sex education in China. As early as 1920 he.

When Xiao Niao was in high school, her teacher gathered all the girls in her class and told them if they were raped they should take the morning after pill. For millions of young Chinese people, it's more than they ever got. As China marks World AIDS Day Thursday, the effects of.

Parents are worried that public schools aren't handling sex-ed very well, so they' re sending their kids to "sex-ed camp.".

Experts have called for sex education to be promoted in all schools nationwide, warning that younger generations face serious physical and.