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Giant sex-crazed moths have awakened - and they are on the prowl for partners - Mirror Online giant sex

People who have had same-sex partners are more likely to have one or more of certain DNA markers, according to the largest ever search for.

Genes play a role in—but cannot alone predict—same-sex sexual behaviors, according to a study published today (August 29) in Science.

Huge sex-crazed moths have woken up for the summer, and they are on the hunt for a mate. Terrified northerners have taken to social media to report sightings of the nightmarish insects after they starting appearing in Wirral. However wildlife experts have assured concerned.

Men who want to have sex with giants are using the internet and new technology to bring their incredibly niche fetish to life – and virtual reality.

In Australia, we are no strangers to some pretty wild critters. From crocodiles to giants spiders, snakes and drop bears, we have seen it all.