'I got so drunk, I don't remember having sex', Women News - AsiaOne - is it possible to not remember sex


Ask Amy: I apparently have sex with him, but I don’t remember it – The Mercury News is it possible to not remember sex

When You Don't Remember Your Sexual Assault in it may not be readily accessible once the person returns to normal, says Dr. Loewenstein.

Very possible. Another good reason not to do drugs or drink to much. I have been drugged before and remember I could hardly walk to the bus.

Yep. Bit personal, but I got very drunk and got with a bloke one night and couldn't remember anything of what had happened. Threee years later I suddenly.

Having sex with somebody and not remembering it afterwards is even more rare occasion, happens only with severe cases and almost couldn't.

I've not only had my own experiences with "party sex", but I've seen it see people hooking up every other night, so it almost seems "normal".