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Pokin Around: Consent must be discussed in sex ed in Missouri schools missouri sex education

The sex education policy in Missouri is failing our youth by leaving them uninformed and unprotected. When it is taught, schools are required to promote abstinence as the preferred choice of behavior for teens. Missouri sees relatively high rates of teen pregnancies and births in.

Many states define parents' rights concerning sexual education: . Failed. Missouri. HB 1905 Amends laws related to sex education in schools.

Correction: Sarah Bargo is the board secretary of Me Too Springfield. In other words, if you choose to teach sex ed, then your curriculum must include these topics. I placed several calls and heard back from Republic, Ozark and Springfield school districts. "Consent, sexual.

Although high school health classes might be filled with snickering, there is a serious discussion surrounding them.

Jefferson City, MO – Public school students who don't have written permission would not be allowed to take sex education courses.