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Like everyone, I had heard the stories about men being “turned out” in prison. Besides the original two, I was intimidated into performing oral sex on two other.

Interested in reading more stories about rape and sex in prison? When Prisoners Become Sex Slaves By: Derek Trumbo . good life in prison and when these hard men need to release their frustration my ass will be the first one up in the air.

This was prison, and Trayvon was serving a long sentence for a horrible . or if for some reason Trayvon ever reads this story of my anxiety about him — I'm.

It's difficult enough for me to imagine being in jail: most of my images stem They'd known each other for five years, and had been sexual for the last three. The plea bargain sentence was four to twelve years, with a good.

Related Stories Once I got to prison, I was dealing with extreme guilt over my aunt's death, and fear, because I was still a child for lying about who had fathered the child, and for having had “consensual” sex with an officer.