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Sexual Vampirism – Sex and Entity Attachments – Piercing the Veil of Reality sex with entities

Sexual Vampirism – Sex and Entity Attachments. By Bernhard Guenther, March 5 , 2019. To be clear, this topic is not about demonizing sex.

I don't usually start threads, but thoughts on sex with entities? Yes I know it's low- plane, draining, wrong and all that. Go ahead and tell me.

I have had sexual a relationship with an entity since my early teens. The satisfaction of having sex with him is beyond anything a real man could give me.

Entity attachment through sex is not a subject often talked about for obvious reasons, but the spiritual connotations of sex go much deeper than.

It is possible to be sexually assaulted by entities, ghosts or demons. These spirits can also manipulate you into behaviour you do not normally do.