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Shower Sex: 14 Tricks to Get it Right - How to Have Sex in the Shower tip on sex in bathtub

(I haven't tried yet, so who knows?) But if you're one of the blessed beings with a roomy tub, here are some tips to pull off bathtub sex.

Sexologists dish on everything you need to know from how much water to use to what positions are sure to fog up your bathroom mirror.

Sorry to burst your bubble (literally) but like so many things that look way better on the screen than they are in real life, having sex in the water.

How to have bathtub sex 4 tips and positions. When trying bathtub sex you want to make sure it's enjoyable. There's positions that make water.

Now, onto this week's topic: tips for having sex in the water safely. I'm not too particular about the specific location (pool, bathtub, shower.