Dog sex tapes lead to arrests - woman charged over sex dog tape


Woman who duct taped dog’s mouth shut charged with animal cruelty | The Independent woman charged over sex dog tape

AN Australian woman has pleaded guilty to having sex with a dog after Ms Driscoll was formally charged with beastiality in October 201.

A Florida woman who posted a Facebook photo showing her chocolate lab's snout bound with duct tape was the center of an Internet-led hunt.

A woman accused of performing sexual acts on a dog pleaded not guilty in court Monday. Amber Finney is charged with engaging in sexual conduct with animals. She was arrested Sunday night and is being held in Trumbull County Jail. Police said Finney was found after she ran inside her.

A woman who allegedly duct taped her dog's mouth shut, and posted the results on Facebook, has been charged with animal cruelty by police.

TULSA — A woman who was charged with committing felony crimes against nature was arrested this morning after police were notified of more.